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Women's Ministry

Solid Rock Belayers Missionary Department shares our church's vision and mission to serve near and far.  We make every effort to achieve Solid Rock's goals and to improve our local community through religious education, service and assistance programs. 

Mother's Day is one of our planned outings where we honor all mothers, through singing, praying and distributing flowers, who have given so much of their time and talent.  We support our school children by sponsoring backpacks and sending a child to summer camp.   We also promote our Friends and Family Day where we have a wonderful fellowship … "Visitors become our friends and friends become our family". During Thanksgiving and Christmas we offer holiday food assistance to families.

Our ministry extends to Africa donating holiday gift boxes to orphan children.
To God Be the Glory, we are commissioned to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to
every creature”.   Mark 16:15    

According to Webster, “Belayer is a critical part of rock climbing.  The person on the ground
who secures the climber, keeps a watchful eye on the climber's progress and letting out slack
to the line by releasing a little at a time"...Provides support to mountain climbers.
We Belayers want to support, when possible.

  June 2023  
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