Ministerial Staff



Pastor Gregory Chambliss

Some may know him as "Gregory" and still others know him as Pastor, faithful friend. Whichever point of reference you choose it is clear you are talking about Gregory Chambliss. Born in Jackson MS. One of five children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chambliss Sr.  

Pastor Chambliss accepted pastoral office at Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church at age 35. His experiences aided in developing a ministry of reconciliation, restoration, and dedication to the Lord. His ability to transcend the tradition of the faith, teaches and preaches in a manner that is relevant for the times we live in.

Pastor Chambliss attended New Foundation Theological Seminary where he has a degree in pastoral counseling and he is pursuing a degree in Divinity of Theology. Pastor Chambliss believes that people, not programs are the success of the ministry. Everyone wants to have a thriving relationship with others; and as ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to teach others how to love themselves and others. This truth cannot only be communicated it must be lived. Pastor Chambliss believes that if you teach faith, hope, and love you are teaching the heart of God, and that is the true restoration of the whole person. Pastor Chambliss has received honors from the Governor of Arizona and the Mayor of Peoria AZ, for his commitment to the community including families, singles, young adults, and youth.

Assistant Pastor

Reverend Leon Deas

Rev. Leon Deas, born and reared in Charleston, South Carolina. One of seven children born to Samuel and Rosa Deas. Rev. Deas served in the USAF and retired after 20 years of service. He then worked for and retired again after another 20 years from the City of Phoenix.  Rev. Deas was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in December 2006. He is the Assistant Pastor of Solid Rock. He served as Sunday School Teacher, Christian Education Coordinator, and has presided as Committee Chairperson over many auxiliaries, church occasions and events. Rev. Deas earned his BA Degree from Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas. He has a lifetime of dedicated service to the Will of Our Lord.

Rev Deas shares that his “deepest desire is pleasing the Lord and following in the footsteps of Jesus our Redeemer. My marching orders are to obey the great commandment and become a disciple-maker of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”.

Associate Pastor

Reverend Bill White

Rev. William (Bill) M. White, Jr., was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but raised mostly in Richmond, Virginia.  He is the first child of four children born to William Sr. and Annie White. The love of his life next to Christ is his wife Lil.
Rev. White served in the USAF for 23 years, retired, and 22 years retired with Maricopa County. He is also a graduate of Glendale Community College.
Rev. White is one of the Associate Pastors of Solid Rock MBC, Director of Education, SRMBC Bell Choir Director and one of the leaders of the Senior Choir.  Rev. White is a child of the Living God, who loves to preach and sing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Associate Pastor

Reverend Mallory Porché

 Rev. Mallory Porché accepted the call to the ministry and was licensed in 2002. She was ordained August 2013 and has a BS from HBCU Dillard University and Master Degree in Evangelism from Liberty University. Her ministry is focused on a passage from (Proverbs 11:30), which states that "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and he that winneth souls is wise."  Rev. Porché is currently servicing God at Solid Rock as Pastor of the youth and outreach ministries, working alongside Pastor Gregory Chambliss as Clergy Member, presiding over worship services on Sundays as assigned, working with the youth leaders, and the Belayers Missionary Ministry. She also teaches in various outlets such as  Adult Sunday School class and Tuesday night Bible Studies on special topics.


Associate Pastor

Reverend George Mullins

Rev. Mullins was called into the ministry of God, with his much-loved supporter, his wife Sis Bonita May 18, 2008, and preached his first sermon in the fall of 2008 titled “What’s Love Got to do with it”.

When Rev. Mullins joined Solid Rock in 2014, he didn’t expect to be called to leadership, he was content with being a member of a great church, but under the guidance of the Holy Spirit accepted a role in the Sunday school as one of the adult teachers. He embraced a new challenge when Pastor Chambliss appointed him to be part of Solid Rock’s Ministerial staff, and then God gave Pastor Chambliss another vision to delegate leadership of the Music and Drama Department to Rev. Mullins.  His motto is “Born to Serve!” and he always leaves you with this phrase “I Love God, Do You Love God? What’s wrong with you?!”