Associate Pastor

Reverend George Mullins

Rev. Mullins was called into the ministry of God, with his much-loved supporter, his wife Sis Bonita May 18, 2008, and preached his first sermon in the fall of 2008 titled “What’s Love Got to do with it”.

When Rev. Mullins joined Solid Rock in 2014, he didn’t expect to be called to leadership, he was content with being a member of a great church, but under the guidance of the Holy Spirit accepted a role in the Sunday school as one of the adult teachers. He embraced a new challenge when Pastor Chambliss appointed him to be part of Solid Rock’s Ministerial staff, and then God gave Pastor Chambliss another vision to delegate leadership of the Music and Drama Department to Rev. Mullins.  His motto is “Born to Serve!” and he always leaves you with this phrase “I Love God, Do You Love God? What’s wrong with you?!”