Pastor Gregory Chambliss

Some may know him as "Gregory" and still others know him as Pastor, faithful friend. Whichever point of reference you choose it is clear you are talking about Gregory Chambliss. Born in Jackson MS. One of five children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chambliss Sr.  

Pastor Chambliss accepted pastoral office at Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church at age 35. His experiences aided in developing a ministry of reconciliation, restoration, and dedication to the Lord. His ability to transcend the tradition of the faith, teaches and preaches in a manner that is relevant for the times we live in.

Pastor Chambliss attended New Foundation Theological Seminary where he has a degree in pastoral counseling and he is pursuing a degree in Divinity of Theology. Pastor Chambliss believes that people, not programs are the success of the ministry. Everyone wants to have a thriving relationship with others; and as ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to teach others how to love themselves and others. This truth cannot only be communicated it must be lived. Pastor Chambliss believes that if you teach faith, hope, and love you are teaching the heart of God, and that is the true restoration of the whole person. Pastor Chambliss has received honors from the Governor of Arizona and the Mayor of Peoria AZ, for his commitment to the community including families, singles, young adults, and youth.